Afrikaans finds a new home:

The audience of is a starting point for all things Afrikaans:

  • It is for those who love the language
  • For those who simply want to enjoy the language and
  • For those interested in joining a conversation about Afrikaans, the culture and the people

English website

A year later we have evolved and we are excited to welcome you, our English speakers and Afrikaans second and third language speakers, to our vibrant and cool English website. Here you will:

  • Get to know this colourful and expressive language with all its unique people and tongues.
  • Learn about the twists and tales behind Afrikaans.
  • Be part of it in any way that excites you!
  • And… impress your Afrikaans friends with your knowledge.

Welcome, we are so excited to share all of this with you!

Afrikaans campaign

The campaign originated from a collective appreciation for the Afrikaans language with the aim to promote its positive and fun aspects. The key message of the advertising campaign is: “Hoe lyk jou Afrikaans?” (What does your Afrikaans look like?). All South Africans are invited to celebrate and explore Afrikaans in its diversity and inclusivity. Ordinary South Africans were used in the campaign throughout. People we can all identify with. People like Troy Brutus, a fisherman, who says that everything he knows he knows in Afrikaans.

More about the campaign

Take a look at some of our entries.

Read more about the winners.

Celebrating Afrikaans in English – projects unique to our English focus

Dream BIG Project
At we believe that inspiration leads to aspiration. Our identity and self-expression create pride and self-worth. That is why we have launched the Dream Big youth projects:

 #droomgroot project:

  • Inspires primary and high school learners through mural art. The project aims to highlight the unique use of Afrikaans at school through interesting words that promote reading and creativity in Afrikaans. The team creates awareness by sharing photos and videos on social media (of learners having fun in Afrikaans in front of their mural). Click here to experience their enthusiasm.  

#droomgroot17 competition:

  • Invites high school learners to dream big and win big by video showcasing their talent in Afrikaans.
  • #droomgroot17 is also a big opportunity to be seen (and discovered). Who knows, Afrikaans could be your route to stardom…
  • Click here to read more about the competition.