Support organisations

Name Link What?
Woorde open Wêrelde (WOW) The WOW project broadens perspectives, empowers people and develops the potential of children. The project promotes reading, language and audio development through fun activities.
AfriForum A civil rights organization campaigning for mutual respect among communities across South Africa (affiliated to Solidarity). 
Die Vereniging van Regslui vir Afrikaans (VRA) Promotes the interests of Afrikaans and its speakers in the judicial system.
Suid-Afrikaanse Vrouefederasie (SAVF) Know children, senior citizens or disabled people who need welfare? The SAVF is a national organization offering professional services to empower people and change their quality of life.  
Die Vereniging vir Afrikaanse wiskunde-onderwysers (VAW) VAW offers both short and long courses for Afrikaans mathematics teachers.
Die Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysersunie (SAOU) Get support for Afrikaans teachers: vocational guidance and training material here.
Die Afrikaanse Studiefonds Offers tertiary bursaries for Solidarity members and their children.
Helpende Hand Assists Afrikaans speakers in financial need.


Akademia - private Afrikaans university.


Sol-Tech is a private Afrikaans technical training institution.

Die Vereniging van Rekenmeesters vir Afrikaans (RVA) Offers support and lecture material for Afrikaans-speaking accountants.
Afrikaanse Geneeshere Vereniging (AGV) Promotes Afrikaans at all levels in the medical field.
Afrikaanse Skrywersunie Promotes the interests of Afrikaans literature: writers, readers, critics, academics and publishers.
Afrikanerbond Establishes networks and stimulates debate. Actively liaises with concerned parties at government level.
Afrinetwerk For Afrikaans speakers in the Netherlands and Flanders.
Die Dameskring Inspired Afrikaans-speaking women making a difference in their communities.

Federasie van Suid-Afrikaanse Skoolbeheerliggame

(FEDSAS) Are you a member of a school governing body? FEDSAS is the national, representative organisation for school governing bodies.
Gryskrag Over 50? GreyPower is a country-wide, non-profit service and goodwill association for persons of 50 years and older as well as for those who are unemployed due to early retirement.
Rapportryerbeweging Promotes Afrikaner values and strategic partnerships.

Suid-Afrikaanse Sentrum vir Nederland en Vlaandere

(SASNEV) Networking and information community in the Netherlands and Flanders.
Vriende van Afrikaans Do you want to promote Afrikaans in a liberal and inclusive way? Vriende van Afrikaans is a non-political group working for the Afrikaans cause.
Afri-Sake/AfriBusiness OR AfriBusiness is a non-profit business rights watchdog. This organisation was established to appeal to the Afrikaans community in the business world to participate in the public debate and act as spokesperson for the Afrikaans business community. 
SA Vryskutskrywer Resources, support, courses, chat rooms for writers.
SA Talewet/South African Language Act Everything you need to know about the South African Language Act.
WSpel Is your Afrikaans spelling abysmal or does your typing skills leave much to be desired? Then this free, Afrikaans spell check for Microsoft Office is ideal. (Based on Afrikaanse woordelys en spelreëls).
Afrikaanse Kontemporêre Drama-argief (AKD) Want to know more about Afrikaans culture and drama? Then this archive is for you.