Learning Afrikaans can be a breeze. With the helpful tools, links and information provided you will find the support you need on your journey to success. The learning tools section includes pre-school, at school and tertiary support. Find easy ways to improve or even learn Afrikaans in our Learn Afrikaans section and if you have difficulty with translations or would like support in any way visit our Translate into Afrikaans page.

Learning tools - Do you have a goal in mind? Find the tools you’ll need on your journey to success

Pre-, Primary, High school and Tertiatiary education. In this section you will find helpful links, support and information that will help you achieve your learning goals.

  • Take charge and find inspiration for your preschooler’s learning and reading development.
  • Primary and high school learners can find support and learning aids here for Afrikaans language. This includes reading and spelling, relevant information about other school subjects and even workshops.
  • Are you thinking about studying Afrikaans as a subject? Or perhaps you are looking to apply for a bursary or study loan?

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Learn the language – Want to learn to speak Afrikaans?

It doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it is said that English speakers pick Afrikaans up with more ease thanks to its origins. One way you can set yourself up for success is by using online or digital learning tools like the apps and websites covered in this section.

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Translate into Afrikaans – Contact the experts or get that app.

Need to translate a document into Afrikaans? Perhaps your CV needs to be in Afrikaans? Or want to know what that interesting turn of phrase or idiom means? Contact the experts, get that language app and improve your spelling.

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Join in the fun and test your knowledge of Afrikaans. Here you will find Afrikaans idioms, sayings and expressions. 

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