Help with translation

Need to translate a document into Afrikaans? Perhaps your CV needs to be in Afrikaans? Or want to know what that interesting turn of phrase or idiom means? Contact the experts.

Translators, editors, interpreters ...

“Bridging language barriers”


Are you looking for: 
  • A translator
  • An editor
  • A proof reader
  • A copywriter
  • An interpreter 

Then the South African Translators’ Institute (SATI), a professional association for language practice professionals, is for you.

Membership is open to all translators, interpreters, editors, proof readers, text reviewers, terminologists, copywriters and anyone else involved in the language practice industry. Many of their professional members are listed in the database on the site (see ‘Find a Language Practitioner), and may be contacted directly for contract work. You can also contact the SATI office for advice.

While SATI is not an employment agency it provides a network of reliable and professional service providers – committed individuals in the language industry.  



Need help with the Afrikaans language?

If you have questions about Afrikaans and its use, VivA is your go-to site for both digital and other resources.

Language advice service

At present, VivA’s advice portal is a free service. When you register, you obtain direct access to a language adviser. This gives you access to expert language advice.

You can also learn about unique Afrikaans expressions, idioms and neologisms. See and for more information.

The VivA app

VivA’s dictionary portal app (Woordeboekportaal) provides offline access to the following Afrikaans dictionaries:

  • Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls (AWS; Pharos)
  • CText SkryfGoed: Leksikon (more than 450 000 Afrikaans words); Tesourus
  • CText TransTips: Leksikon (more than 20 000 Afrikaans words with English & Setswana translations)
  • Cyber Dictionary (Kuberwoordeboek) (Protea) – Afrikaans & English
  • Entrepreneurswoordeboek (an Afrikaans technical dictionary)
  • VivA Gesegdes (more than 250 well-known Afrikaans idioms and expressions)


Improve your writing and spelling

 Beter Afrikaans improves your Afrikaans writing and spelling skills.

The website is for those who struggle with everyday language matters, or who simply like to stay on top of things.
Ordinary words, difficult words and common mistakes are tested. Go to to register or for assistance.


Ask a fellow language fundi

Taaltameletjie on Facebook is an active support network of language professionals.

All language-related questions are welcome, with answers and resources shared freely. Go to their facobook page to join. 

For those nasty little language bugs

The Facebook group: Taalgoggas & Balbyters, is always ready to answer your Afrikaans-related language questions. Here you can find support, share your knowledge, debate and argue about language-related matters – all from the comfort of your couch.


Language aid for children – bit by bit

Marelize Swanepoel provides useful resources to help children with language. From comprehension to literature, writing and oral, Marelize covers it all. Downloading the material is a breeze. Simply visit: