For teachers and parents

A few links to help you compile lesson plans in Afrikaans and share ideas as well as examination papers and study guides. See learning support for primary and high school learners for more. 


Educational films based on CAPS.
For grade 4–7 learners. Various topics.


Resources for teachers.
All subjects.
Gr 10-12
E-learning resources aligned with CAPS. Worksheets are free. Tests and examination papers are for sale.


For teachers. E-network Educational website (also available on tablets and cell phones).

Impak Education

Comprehensive educational products and academic support according to CAPS curriculum. Grade R–12 in English and Afrikaans.

KlasKamer (Litnet)


For teachers and ALL learners. Language as well as other subjects. Links for everyone involved or interested in teaching Afrikaans at high school. Links to notes, examination papers, learning aid and tests.

Mr V’s Classroom Companion

For teachers. All subjects.
Comprehensive website with free resources: from examination papers and lesson plans to worksheets and videos. Also, links to additional educational resources.

Onnies Online

Teachers’ aid. Gr 1-12. All subjects. Examination papers, worksheets and videos.


Class aid. Afrikaans.
Quizzes for the whole class with more than 500 in the Afrikaans language section. Also available as an app in English.

SparkleBox – Teaching Resources

For primary school teachers.
Posters, banners and infographics for primary school classrooms.


For teachers. Grade 1–12. Language and other subjects. Digital marketplace to buy & sell resources.

Thinking caps

Technology in the classroom and lesson plans.

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