Pre-school Introduction and Educational

Pre-school Introduction and Educational

Take charge and find inspiration for your preschooler’s learning and reading development. We live in an era of tablets, smartphones and social media. Why not put this cutting edge technology to good use? Here you will find helpful and practical ideas, games and support. Under the educational section you will find useful apps, websites, activity books and posters - tailor-made for your child to make learning easy and fun. 

The magazine, Baba & Kleuter provides useful information for parents. From articles on school readiness, to ideas for snacks or relevant articles about current matters.

Under I Can Read we list apps to develop a love of reading in your child. Huisgenoot compiled a list of seven book apps.

Our Parenting section includes blogs, FB pages and more. Parents and prospective parents share their thoughts, exchange tips or chat about the ups and downs of parenting and what their kids get up to.

Contact us and help us to add to our database. Tell us about a clever book or game you have found or share your parenting tips. 



Pick and choose from games, work sheets, apps and exercises – making learning easy and fun.

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