Learning fun on the tablet or smartphone – pressing buttons has never been this much fun!

Afrikaans 123; Afrikaans ABC en Afrikaans Vorms en kleure / Afrikaans 123; Afrikaans ABC and Afrikaans Shapes and colours
This fun app introduces your child to the magic world of numbers, letters and sounds and is a fun way to learn the basics about shapes and colours in Afrikaans. Puzzles and memory games are used throughout. 
Klerekas / Wardrobe
An excellent app to teach children the names, pronunciation and use of the different body parts and items of clothing in Afrikaans. 
To help bright young minds across Africa to master shapes and become proficient in numbers in their mother tongue. You can learn in Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Swahili and English. The Xander soft toy included with the app makes it even more fun.
My Pretplaas / My Fun farm
This app is aimed at the under 7’s. Your child can have fun whilst learning with games, reading and sing-alongs - all unique and in Afrikaans.
Leer om tyd te lees / Telling the time
Telling time is a difficult concept for little ones but this app makes it fun. 
Vrugte en groente / Fruit and vegetables
This app is ideal for introducing your child to different fruits and vegetables from a young age.
Kleuterpret / Toddler fun
This educational Afrikaans app designed for three to five year olds, develops your child’s school readiness skills.
ABC met Vuurhoutjie / ABC with Vuurhoutjie (Matchstick) 
Vuurhoutjie (Matchstick) is a lively, energetic and fiery little character teaching your child about the alphabet and its sounds. It is the first in a series of educational Afrikaans apps. Repetition, association and exciting animation teaches your child the alphabet in a fun way.  
Afrikaanse toepassings vir kleuters / Afrikaans apps for toddlers
With captivating animation, colours and sounds and colourful illustrations, these apps teach your children basic preschool skills. From telling time to counting, recognising patterns, general school readiness and more.  

 Learning online made easy or perhaps you can use paper, pen, glue and scissors:

My Slimkind /


Designed by a panel of leading experts, Mysmartkid/Myslimkind provides tools for Early Childhood Development to help you give your child the best start in life and help them reach their full potential.

Educational resoucres and teaching aids like posters, flashcards, stickers and workbooks for sale. (Afrikaans & English).


An educational website. All products for sale are based on the national curriculum. Some free printouts available. (Includes English material.) 


Complete home-based programme with more than 4 000 games and activities – from baby stage to 7 years. Games focus on all of the 50 skills a child needs to develop to prepare for school. (English).


Edublox reading and learning clinics across South Africa offers cognitive enhancement programmes to improve reading, spelling, mathematics and learning. (English & Afrikaans).



Hands-on learning activities and ideas (printables) to inspire young minds.



Useful educational material and teaching aids.


Slimkoppe / Smart-kids

A series teaching young children language and math skills in a fun, interactive way. (Afrikaans & English)


Education 360°

A holistic look at all the facets of education. Tools, tips and tricks to guide you on your path to success – whether you’re a teacher, a learner, a parent or an institution.


Woelwater / Wacky Box - Activity boxes for toddlers and preschoolers


Receiving one box per month, activities are aimed at developing motor, sensory, music and art skills - from five months to four years.


Besige Breintjies/ Brainy Bob – All-in-one educational programme for toddlers from 2 to 5 years old

A guide for parents and caregivers of children who do not attend nursery/preschool. Lots of fun to play and learn. (Afrikaans & English).



Educational, school readiness, computer games for children. Click here for demos of the various products available (Afrikaans). 


Smart Gecko apps - Afrikaans alphabet with phonetic sounds and much more

Teach your child the phonetic Afrikaans alphabet, maths and more. Go to their website to see what’s on offer. (English and Afrikaans).

YouTube videos in Afrikaans to entertain your child. Here are some examples: 

Well-known fairy tales in Afrikaans:

Die Gemmerbroodmannetjie (The Gingerbread Man):


Dolly Dolfyn (Dolly Dolphin)


Die Drie Varkies (The Three Little Pigs)

Music video: Lollos – Dis my land (It’s my country)


Best Afrikaans Alphabet for Toddlers

Reading to your child in Afrikaans is fun!

Children’s stories in Afrikaans

Anna Emm Publishers publishes Afrikaans children’s stories – choose from more than 2 000 stories on CD, DVD and in book format. Now also introducing English books.


For all kids who like to read in Afrikaans.


Available at NB-Publishers. A multimedia reading experience. All stories include two games, flash cards and puzzles.  


Helpende Hand Lees-toep

A groundbreaking app on the Apple and Android platform, using VR to help children learn the basic building blocks of Afrikaans. It includes the alphabet, sight words and more – and it’s free!


Raising a child is not for the faint-hearted! Fortunately, you are not alone! Chat and share ideas:

Moomie – where moms meet is the parenting resource if you are trying to conceive, are already pregnant or have a baby. It is the biggest forum in South Africa for finding support, understanding and respect. 

Home schoolers

Support and curriculums for the homeschooling family.

Living and Loving

Expert parenting advice and practical tips.

The Reggio Emilia approach – an everyday story by Kate

Reggio is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education. Read this interesting blog by Kate – a former teacher and mother following the approach with her won children.