Afrikaans as subject at English universities in South Africa

Many English tertiary institutions still offer language, literature, linguistics, translation, writing and drama courses in Afrikaans. 

ATKV Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth

Dept of Language and Literature: Afrikaans & Nederlands,
School of Language, Media and Culture
Contact Prof. Helize van Vuuren

ATKV Unisa
Short courses (3 months) in basic communication skills in Afrikaans. Afrikaans second/third language speakers. Department of Afrikaans and Theory of Literature offer modules in Afrikaans literature & linguistics. More here. 
ATKV University Stellenbosch

 Department Afrikaans & Nederlands.

Contact: Prof. Willie Burger

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ATKV University of Pretoria


Department Afrikaans
Contact: Prof. Willie Burger.
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ATKV University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban


School of Arts
Contact: Prof. DZ van der Berg
Various courses for prospective teachers, translators and language practitioners.
Afrikaans for Beginners.
Translation services.


ATKV University of Cape Town


School of Languages
Contact: Prof. Joan Hambidge
Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies Language school (incorporated in Humanities) also offers an MA programme in Creative writing.

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ATKV University of Johannesburg


Department of Afrikaans
Contact: Prof. Marné Pienaar
The Afrikaans AB course is aimed at Afrikaans second/third language speakers. Emphasis is on developing skills in basic Afrikaans reading, writing and conversation skills.
Also Afrikaans 1AB, Afrikaans A and B.
Post-graduate courses also available.

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ATKV University of Fort Hare, East-Londen

Department Afrikaans.
Contact: Prof. Susan Smith.
Three year course with possibility for post-graduate study. Content includes variety of linguistic and literary aspects within a multicultural context. If your home language is not Afrikaans, Afrikaans Prakties (Afrikaans in Practice) will hone your communication and reading skills.

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ATKV University of the Free State, Bloemfontein


Department of Afrikaans, Nederlands, French & German (Humanities): Departement Afrikaans, Nederlands, Duits & Frans.

Contact: Prof. Angelique van Niekerk. More here.

Additional courses: Afrikaans a foreign language: Gesellig Afrikaans and an MA in Creative writing and literary translation – aimed at prospective writers and translators. More here.  

ATKV Rhodes University, Grahamstown

School of Languages
Contact: Prof. Tim Huisamen
ATKV University of the Western Cape, Bellville



Department of Afrikaans & Nederlands
Contact: Prof. Steward van Wyk