Afrikaans as subject at tertiary institutions overseas

There is a worldwide interest in the Afrikaans language and literature. And many students of language want to learn more about Afrikaans. The International Association for Afrikaans (Internasionale Vereniging vir Afrikaans) (IVA) focuses on academic Afrikaans language and literature. Contact: Ria Olivier – and Dewald Koen -

ATKV Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan (UAM), Pole



Afrikaans is offered as a module as part of English studies
Contact: Prof. Jerzy Koch.
There’s also a physical education programme in Afrikaans.
Work is being done on the first Polish-Afrikaans dictionary.


ATKV Universiteit Leiden


Afrikaans language and culture courses offered by visiting SA lecturers.
Contact in SA on behalf of SAVN: Prof Steward van Wyk, UWK -


ATKV Universiteit Gent, België

Gents Centrum voor het Afrikaans
Contact: Annelies Verdoolaege (;, Prof Jacques van Keymeulen and prof Yves T'Sjoen. 

ATKV Universiteit Antwerpen, België


Afrikaans as subject since 2006.
Contact for language studies: Prof. Kris van de Poel - .
Contact for literature: Prof. Kris Humbeeck -
Contact at NWU: Prof Thys Human -

ATKV Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen; Radboud Univ. Nijmegen

HAN-Talencentrum offers various part-time language courses. Afrikaans (A1) is for beginners to learn conversational Afrikaans.

ATKV University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, VSA


School of Information Studies
Contact: Prof. Jacques du Plessis

ATKV University of Namibia


BA & MA in Afrikaans Studies – form part of degree in Education and include linguistics, literature, language studies, visual studies, etc.
Contact: Dr Chrisna Beuke-Muir -
ATKV Palacky Universiteit, Olomouc (Tsjeggiese Republiek)

Dutch Department
Introduction to Afrikaans
Contact: Dr. Lianne Barnard (

ATKV Staatsuniversiteit van Moskou (Lomonosov-universiteit)


Institute for Asian and African languages: History of Africa and South Africa – Study of Afrikaans as first and second additional language.
Contact: Me Monica Urb


ATKV SOAS Language Centre, Londen Universiteit


Afrikaans Beginners: Year-long course over three terms, 10 weeks per term, 2 hours per week for basic Conversational Afrikaans. Course is conducted in English and Afrikaans. 

ATKV Pennsilvanië Universiteit – Afrikastudies


Afrikaans Elementary 1 & 2; Intermediary 1 (3rd & 4th semester), Advanced 1 & 2 (5th & 6th semester).

ATKV Universiteit van Harvard –
African Language program


Individual study of Afrikaans at elementary, intermediary and advanced level.

ATKV UCLA (Universiteit van Kalifornië, Los Angeles)



Part of Germanic languages study: Development of Afrikaans literature; Elementary & Intermediary Afrikaans, language studies; Conversational Afrikaans; Introduction to Afrikaans literature; research. 

ATKV Universiteit van Wenen (Universität Wien), Wenen, Oostenryk

- Philologisch-Kulturwissenschaften
Contact: Me Rina Loader <>
Afrikaans language, literature and culture – summer seminar. The Viennese library has an extensive collection of Afrikaans books, such as dictionaries, literary works and academic literature.
Partnership with Zuid-Afrika House in Amsterdam.

Contact: Andries Vogel
- Capaciteitsgroep Nederlandse Letterkunde
Contact: Prof. Ena Jansen – Bijzondere leerstoel Zuid-Afrikaanse Letterkunde (2003-2016)
Succeeded by prof Margriet van der Waal from September 2017 -

  Universiteit van Leipzig, Duitsland,postext,start.html?PHPSESSID=




Contact: Andries Vogel



Universiteit van Amsterdam




Capaciteitsgroep Nederlandse Letterkunde
Contact: Prof. Ena Jansen – Bijzondere leerstoel Zuid-Afrikaanse Letterkunde (2003-2016)
Succeeded by Prof Margriet van der Waal from September 2017

  Wroclow Universiteit, Pole



Contact: Prof. Siegfried Huigen (

  Freie Universität Berlin, Duitsland

Niederländische Filologie
Contact: Prof Matthias Hüning