Bursaries, study loans and study funds

You want to further your studies but you don’t have the funds. Most tertiary institutions and organisations and companies offer help, but ensure that you apply sooner rather than later so that you can have the future you deserve.

Note: There’s a difference between a study loan/student loan and a bursary. You don’t have to pay back a bursary unless you fail to complete your studies. A study loan is money (a loan) that you will have to pay back after the completion of your studies.

ATKV Dokkies Educational Trust at Durban’s Teachers College www.dokkiestrust.za.org/


Support to prospective teachers.

ATKV NSFAS study loan at Department of Higher Education



E-pos: info@nsfas.org.za


Apply for financial aid at the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. NSFAS is a loan and bursary scheme funded by the Department of Higher Education NB: Applications for study loans must be submitted to the institution where you want to study – and not to the NSFAS. Loans are not guaranteed.


  Eduloan www.myeduloan.co.za

An independent financial institution offering study loans.


Other bursaries

List of bursaries available in South Africa as well as a list of universities with application information.
List of bursaries, internships by companies
Bursaries in South Africa.
List of bursaries available in South Africa – as well as a short list of all the SA universities and how to apply.
List of top bursaries in South Africa, divided into study fields.
ETFB-bursary - unit for Language facilitation and empowerment at UFS – two bursaries for full-time M or Ph.D. studies in language-related fields.
Rock my Future offers a comprehensive list regarding bursary information and career opportunities.
Bursary Register – a one stop guide for students and prospective students: Order from: rlevin@mweb.co.za, 011-472-3507 (fax), or write to PO BOx 178, Florida Hills 1716.

International bursary

International study bursaries and research bursaries.


Mentorship is the relationship with a more experienced person who can give you guidance. Many tertiary institutions now offer this service to their new students. Here is a short list, but enquire at your university, technicon or college if you would like to join their programmes.

University Stellenbosch – BeWell programme
University of Cape Town.
UFS (School Partnership Programme).
University of Pretoria (Luminous House) and Stars Mentorship programme.
UJ mentorship programme for first year students (FYE).


For a learnership data base.
Companies offering internships