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Movies, books, festivals, music and food – the magical world of theatre, visual arts and of course stories ... true South African stories that sometimes can only be told in the dialect of a community. The world is getting excited about Afrikaans – more and more people from all over the world are learning the Afrikaans language, enjoying the music and exploring its culture. There is a rich and diverse tapestry of talent to tap in to. This is the place to be.

Music – Much more than ‘sakkie-sakkie’

Admit it… If you’re from South Africa, chances are that there’s an Afrikaans song you love. After all, Afrikaans music knows no boundaries, has no sacred cows and needs no rationale. It is fresh, dynamic and growing rapidly. 

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Festivals – There is nothing like it

‘Afrikaners is Plesierig’ is a legendary song that speaks to the DNA of any Afrikaans Arts Festival. It explicitly covers the festive culture that centres around arts, culture and the socialising that Afrikaans Art Festivals are known for. 

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Our stories – we have much to tell

Whether it’s bedtime stories, fairy tales, ghost stories or tall tales around the fishing waters – stories are a part of our lives from the day we are born. That’s how we know a lot of what we know about our history today – through stories. 

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Books – discover a new world

Books, be it fiction or non-fiction, are passports to other amazing and exciting worlds. Judging by how well Afrikaans books are selling locally and how well translations of the works of several acclaimed Afrikaans authors are received internationally, it is clear that Afrikaans authors are on top of their game. 

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Movies – proudly South-African

The Afrikaans film industry is booming – with 17 films released in 2016 alone, there is a tid-bit for every taste. Most Afrikaans films have English sub-titles. 

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Food – a taste to die for

Wistful sighs in longing of the “kookkos” (cooked food) mom or granny used to make ... the bobotie recipes have either been lost or the ingredients are not readily available. Tomato lamb bredie takes too long and “just doesn’t taste the same”. And let’s not get started on the vetkoek. Taste the sound of Afrikaans in its food. 

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