Ag baby, I love it when you talk... Afrikaans!

10 November 2017


Do you cringe every time you hear an Afrikaans speaker’s attempt at speaking English? Well, the joke is on you.

Afrikaans has recently been ranked as the ‘sexiest’ accent in the world. According to the Irish traveling website, ‘Lovin’ “Affrikaans (yes, that is how they spell it) is the key to their hearts”. The poll included 50 of the worlds accents ranked from least to most sexy and even though the Springboks struggle to beat the Aussies and the Kiwi’s on the rugby field, South Africans can rest assured in knowing that we beat them with our very sexy-sounding comments (read swear words) from the side-lines.

Although the poll isn’t official, Lovin used “their own trusty ears” as ranking tool, we can’t help but feel all puffed with pride. You have to understand that most Afrikaans speakers have been mercilessly teased about their “Boere English” for most of their lives. The fast food chain, Wimpy based an entire series of ads, the “I Love it when you talk foreign” campaign, on Afrikaans speakers inability to master English. Even Klipdrift took a stab at Afrikaans-English with their “Met Eish, Ja..” advertisements.

So, from now on. Instead of bowing your head in shame and hiding beneath the table when your Afrikaans speaking buddy orders your drinks from the bar in broken English, go stand next to him. The bar lady might just be a foreigner looking for someone to whisper “You are such a lekker cherry!” in her ear.

South Africans are known for their ability to laugh at themselves, have a look at the Wimpy and Klipdrift ads we mentioned above.

Learn the accent!