Dynamic ... lively ... powerful - the life artery of Afrikaans.

11 September 2017

There are more than 50 organisations promoting the inclusivity of the Afrikaans language and culture in South Africa, thus contributing to the success of the country and its people.  

Dynamic ... lively ... powerful - the life artery of Afrikaans. 

Afrikaans organisations are lively and dynamic and have been part of the South African cultural, language and economic landscape for many years. These organisations employ thousands, many are volunteers, contributing positively to the South African work force and economy. Through the years, these organisations have become indispensable to all who cherish Afrikaans.  

The organisations can be divided as follows: 

Culture organisations promote the projects of artists, teachers and societies. Here you will find information about everything culture-historical as well as the Afrikaans pioneer history. 

The various language organisations provide support in the language field: from authors, poets, dictionaries, interpreters to education, video’s and music.

Afrikaans support organisations care for the community.

Afrikaans academic organisations answer your language queries, provide educational support and promote science, arts and culture.

Trusts and funds who promote the Afrikaans language and culture through financial support.

One example of a successful Afrikaans organisation, is the Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging. However, there are many other organisations and people who work IN Afrikaans and FOR Afrikaans and are thus gainfully employed as a result of Afrikaans.

The Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging (ATKV) fosters social and economic progress.

This year the ATKV celebrates its 87th year and its quarterly magazine, Taalgenoot, 86 years. From humble beginnings with 12 founder members in 1930 to approximately 70 124 members today and 30 culture projects annually that generate almost 55 000 entries and involve more than 220 000 people directly, the ATKV has evolved into a forerunner fostering social and economic prosperity. The ATKV is unique in the sense that its culture projects are supported by the profits generated by its business sector. This business company comprises the seven ATKV holiday resorts, two retirement housing developments and Lapa Uitgewers (Publishers).
Permanent staff amount to 822 people.

Economic value

According to the 2017 annual report, the total equity (as on 28 February 2017) amounts to R408,6 million. The spend on culture and related activities amounts to R90,4 million.

Read more about the ATKV and its projects.

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