15 Quick facts

12 November 2017
  1.  Almost a quarter of all families with an average monthly income of R20 000 or more are Afrikaans. (AMPS Dec 2015)
  2. Afrikaans speakers make up almost a third of LSM 9-10, the top lifestyle category in the country accounting for 43% of the total spending. (AMPS Dec 2015)
  3. Almost a third of all new car sales in South Africa in 2015 were to Afrikaans people. (AMPS Dec 2015)
  4. About three quarters of Afrikaans newspaper readers own a vehicle, and just over a third of them have two vehicles. (AMPS 2014AB)
  5. Afrikaans speakers don’t think twice about investing for the future; they are five times more likely than the average South African to invest in a retirement fund of annuity. (AMPS 2014 AB)
  6. Although Afrikaans speakers only make up 14% of the total population, the economic value it carries is calculated on a fifth of the national total – that is R376,8 trillion per annum. (AMPS 2014 AB)
  7. Almost three quarters of Afrikaans people are homeowners. (AMPS Dec 2015) and they are house proud; a fifth of those who have done home improvements the past twelve months, spent R631m. (AMPS 2014 AB)
  8. Afrikaans people’s higher income than average, allows them to spend money on luxuries in addition to the necessary purchases. Just over half of them regularly buy something for personal enjoyment or go out for dinner. (Ads24 Photostudy; AMPS 2014 AB)
  9. The value of Afrikaans speakers average shopping basket is R65 more than the average. (AMPS 2014 AB)
  10. About a third of the wealthiest population segment – the so-called Baby Boomer generation (between 53 and 71 years old) is Afrikaans speaking. (Effective Measures, 2017)
  11. Almost 90% of Afrikaans speakers have a bank account, as apposed to an average of 66% for the total population. (AMPS 2014 AB)
  12. Afrikaans speakers are proud of their nation and prefer living in South Africa rather than any other place in the world. (AMPS Dec 2015)
  13. Afrikaans people love the outdoors and adventure; they camp four times more than the average South African and visit game parks twice more than the average. (AMPS Dec 2015)
  14. Afrikaans speakers are technology-driven - almost 60% own smartphones and 55% use the internet on a daily basis. (AMPS Dec 2015)
  15. The nearly 5,3m people whose home language is Afrikaans, total almost as many people living in the Limpopo province – or roughly the population of Norway. (AMPS Dec 2015)

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