Afrikaans book sales have doubled over the past ten years

03 Augustus 2017

Afrikaans book sales have doubled over the past ten years

Over the past year the top 10 Afrikaans publishers contributed R180 882 189 to the South African economy. Writers receive an average of 12% royalties which means an amount of R21 705 863 was paid out. - Nielsen’s Bookscan.

45% of all titles sold in South Africa are Afrikaans!

Afrikaans literature is one of the language’s biggest assets. Over the past ten years Afrikaans book sales have doubled and 3.6 million Afrikaans books were sold.

Top sellers

Some of the top selling writers in Afrikaans are Deon Meyer, Irma Joubert, Wilna Adriaanse en Chanette Paul. Their books have been translated into English as well as other languages. Source.

Afrikaans fiction

450 000 of the 550 000 fiction titles sold were Afrikaans! Source.

The Afrikaans publishing industry is flourishing.

International publishers, Penguin and Random House – the biggest publishers worldwide – publish Afrikaans books.
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Economic impact

Nielsen’s Bookscan reports the following:

1 999 new Afrikaans titles and e-books were published in 2014. (Annual Book Publishing Industry Survey)

The total turnover from 2009 - 2015 was R237 million. (Die Burger 22 October 2016)

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