Afrikaans readers, listeners and audiences keep the media on their toes.

11 Oktober 2017

Afrikaans readers, listeners and audiences keep the media on their toes.

The Afrikaans community is the second largest group of consumers of printed media and the third largest TV and radio audience in South Africa. They are well-informed and passionate supporters of the Afrikaans movie industry.


  • Afrikaans speakers are loyal radio listeners and 57% of them listen to one station only. Their daily listening time averages 3h42min. The national average being 3h54 min. (BRC RAM January – June 2017)
  • Afrikaans speakers make up a third of the population who regularly read newspapers and magazines and almost 40% of all regular moviegoers – in all three cases the second largest group among South Africa’s adult population. (Establishment Survey June 2017)
  • Afrikaans speakers are technology driven – approximately 60% of all adults own smartphones and 55% use the internet almost daily. (AMPS Dec 2015), making them the third largest group of internet users in the country (Establishment Survey June 2017)
  • Afrikaans speakers make up the third largest audience of television and radio. (Establishment Survey June 2017)
  • Six of the top 10 magazine vendors for consumer magazines in South Africa are Afrikaans titles, or have an Afrikaans edition. (ABC April – June 2017)
  • About a third of all e-newsletters that consumer magazines send out, are in Afrikaans. (ABC April – June 2017)
  • Afrikaans newspapers make up about a fifth of the total newspaper sales in the country (daily and weekly newspapers and Sunday newspapers, community newspapers included). (ABC April – June 2017)

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