Economic value

11 September 2017
“It is not the language that makes a contribution. It is individuals and groups that make a success of South Africa. As Afrikaans speaker I contribute best in Afrikaans – simply because it is the language in which I dream, think and do. It’s easier to translate my Afrikaans contribution than conceiving it in any other language.” Prof. Hans du Plessis (linguist, poet, writer and member of PEN Afrikaans).

A source of creativity and productivity

Afrikaans speakers account for about 14% of the total population,contributing a fifth to the country’s national economy – or R376,8 trillion a year. (AMPS 2014 AB).

According to Stats SA Afrikaans is the third largest language in the country after Zulu and Xhosa. Afrikaans has 6,2 million mother-tongue speakers and 10 million second language speakers of Afrikaans. And it’s about more than demographics. Afrikaans is important to the economy because it represents:

  • 16% of the consumer market;
  • 28% of the purchasing power; and
  • 32% of households with an income of more than R20 000 per month.

A loyal market

 *(AMPS Dec 2015)

Interesting facts

  • About a third of the wealthiest population segment - the so-called Baby Boomers (between 53 and 71 years old) is Afrikaans speaking. (Effective Measures, 2017)
  • Almost three quarters of Afrikaans people are homeowners. (AMPS Dec 2015)
  • Some Afrikaans people’s average income is higher than the average and this allows them to spend money on luxuries as well. Just over half of them regularly spoil themselves or go out for dinner. (Ads24 Photostudy; AMPS 2014 AB)
  • The value of Afrikaans speakers’ average shopping basket is R65 more than average. (AMPS 2014 AB)
  • Afrikaans speakers make up almost a third of LSM 9-10, the top lifestyle catgory in the country accounting for 43% of total spending. (AMPS Dec 2015). Read more.

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