We love it when you talk foreign!

02 Februarie 2018

The Department of Afrikaans and Dutch, German and French at the University of the Free State, offers Afrikaans as a foreign language as an online short learning program.

All you have to do, is to register online before 15 May to complete the 20 weeks which includes a final assessment. This online course requires you to have internet access.

Basic course:
Gesellig Afrikaans 1:
Aimed at students 16 years and older with NO prior knowledge of Afrikaans as a foreign language.

Advanced course:
Gesellig Afrikaans 2:
Requires a limited background knowledge of Afrikaans.

What you can expect:
The language usage in the course reflects Afrikaans as used by ordinary speakers of the language in daily conversations. Aspects of everyday life (asking directions, tourist attractions in SA, cuisine, etc.) are utilised in teaching and learning the basic grammatical structure, vocabulary and pronunciation in Afrikaans.

Course content includes:
Grammar explanations
Various oral components
Completion of continuous assessment tasks
Final and formal assessment.

For more information, enrolment and payment detail, visit:

Enquiries: geselligafrikaans@gmail.com or (+27) 051 401 2816